How do I cancel or change my Allegiant flight?

Many airlines provide the flexibility to make the required modifications to the itinerary with varied limitations. Besides, if you want your Allegiant Air flight to be changed, then it’s necessary to know the basic conditions followed by Allegiant Airlines Change Flight deals etc. In this article you explore every point related to flight change. Don’t wait let’s get started !!

Know about to Allegiant Air Change Flight:

Allegiant adheres to specific rules while allowing passengers to make the required changes to the itinerary. In addition, following are some basic rules that should be taken note before stepping towards Allegiant Air Change flight.

  • Further, you can modify your flight reservation up to seven days before your departure.
    •  It’ll depend on availability if you want to change a specific part of your itinerary.
    • Additionally, you may be required to pay a change fee of $25 per person per segment.
    • Lastly, if your new flight costs more than your original booking when changing to an Allegiant flight, you will need to pay the difference.

Therefore, the above guidelines are for fares without Trip Flex benefits. For flexible Allegiant Airlines tickets, buy Allegiant Trip Flex fare.

What are the Benefits of Allegiant Trip Flex?

If you are an Allegiant Trip Flex holder, you are eligible for the following benefits when it comes to Allegiant Air change flight:

  • However, you’ll get a full refund if you cancel your booking within 24 hours.
    • Moreover, modifying the itinerary will cost you nothing in terms of change fees.
    • Besides that you can only use the Trip Flex option once without incurring a change fee; any subsequent changes will involve fees.
    • Cancelling Trip Flex online? you will receive a voucher that cannot be transferred or refunded. This voucher can be used for future travel.

At last, a pleasant and flexible journey is all a passenger gets when it comes to Allegiant Air Trip Flex.

How Can I Make Change to Allegiant Flight Bookings?

Passengers can easily alter their flight details like name, date and time, etc. with Allegiant Airlines Booking process. However, policies updates may vary based on destination, route, and timing. Consider the following methods to get the changes done.

Method 1 :- Via Website

1. Visit the official website of Allegiant Air (
2. Log in to your account by selecting ‘Manage Trip’ (
3. Click on ‘Find my Trip’.
4. Select the trip that needs to be changed.
5. Follow the prompts and make the required changer.
6. After the changes are updated on the form, make the required payments to get it updated on your e boarding pass.

Method 2 :-Via Phone Call

1. Contact Allegiant’s Reservations Center at (702) 505-8888.
2. Follow the instructions of IVR
3. As the call connects, let the representative know your query.
4. Be prepared in advance with all the required details to provide the representative.
5. However, once the query is solved, make the confirmation payments with any additional fees (if required).

Method 3 :- Via Email

1. Get on the official Allegiant site.
2. Visit the ‘Contact Us page.
3. Under the Contact option, click on ‘Email Us’.
4. Fill out the form that will appear on the page.
5. Submit the form.

In case of an urgent matter, kindly be informed that email responses may take several days.

Method 4:-  Via Chat

1. Browse
2. Find the ‘Live Chat’ option.
3. Check for the blue chat icon ‘’ on the bottom right of the page.
4. A dialogue box will appear right after clicking the icon.
5. Type ‘Agent’ in the text box provided in the chat and you will get the necessary assistance.

Method 5 :-Via Mobile App

1. Click on
2. Scroll towards extreme bottom
3. Find the application for App Store and Google play on the site.
4. Open the installed application and login to your account or retrieve the booking by entering required information.
5. Click on the ‘Change flight/Cancel’ option.
6. Follow the prompts and continue to modify your required details.

Method 6 :-Via Social media

Further, click on the following suitable social media handles and get the required guidance for Allegiant Air change flight:

1. On Facebook: 
2. On Instagram:
3. On Twitter:
4. On YouTube:

Can I Cancel only one person on my itinerary?

To cancel one person from your group itinerary, follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. Select Manage Travel from the menu
3. Find your reservation using your name and confirmation number
4. Scroll down to the list of travelers on the Trip Summary page
5. Click on the “Remove Traveler” link located underneath the traveler’s name
6. At last, repeat the removal process for other passengers, except for the last one

What is the Allegiant airlines change flight cost?

1. Firstly, no change fees are incur when changes are made within 24 hours of bookings for all types of bookings.
2. Secondly, fares with no added Trip Flex, changing your trip will cost up to $75 each way for per person.
3. However, Trip Flex fare grants the no charge flexibility for change or cancellation up to 60 minutes before departure.
4. Lastly, changing your air ticket itinerary may only sometimes be possible and will incur a fee of $25 per person per segment, plus any airfare increase that may apply.

Can I cancel an Allegiant flight without penalty?

Passengers can change or cancel their itinerary without fees by accessing Manage Travel or contacting Allegiant’s Reservation Center, but certain conditions apply to the modifications to Allegiant flight tickets.

1. Firstly, cancellation within 24 hours of booking is require, and departure must be at least one week away.
2. Air transportation, including air and ground amenities, must be separate from any package.
3. Likewise, without Trip Flex, cancel at least 168 hours (7days) before your flight to avoid losing purchase fees.
4. Consider buying Allegiant’s Trip Flex travel protection program if the chances of your travel plans changing are higher to avoid first-time flight modification fees.

Bottom Line

Hope the information above helped to get your doubts clear and prepared you to make a better choice to get Allegiant Air change flight. To gain more information regarding the same, get in touch with Allegiant air.

Allegiant Air Change Flight FAQs

Will I have to pay extra to change or cancel my reservation?

There’s a change fee for cancelling or modifying air reservations more than 24 hours after booking. You’ll get a credit voucher for any remaining balance. The amount of credit you receive depends on your itinerary, timing, fare adjustments, and Trip Flex coverage.

Can I change flights on Allegiant?

Yes, you can certainly change flights on Allegiant reservations. Just keep in mind that your fare type and timing are two important factors determining whether you will be charge Allegiant flight change fees.

Is it cheaper to cancel an Allegiant flight or change it?

If you haven’t passed the 24-hour risk-free window after booking, canceling your flight will be less expensive. However, it’s recommend that you request and pay Allegiant for any necessary changes once the window has closed to avoid any issues.

How do I contact Allegiant to change my flight?

(702) 505-8888 is the contact number of Allegiant Reservation Centre, which deals with changes & other issues from passenger bookings to onboarding the aircraft.

How to change a return flight on Allegiant airlines?

Visit > Manage Travel > Find my Trips > Change Flight. Furthermore, follow the prompts and make the changes and finalize the modification by paying the differences.

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How do I cancel or change my Allegiant flight?

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