Allegiant Air Boarding Zones & Process – Everything You Need To Know

Are you going to fly with Allegiant Air? Then, knowing the boarding process in advance can save your time while at airport. Allegiant Air allows boarding in a systematic way. Therefore, you can fit in one of the different ways to get on an Allegiant flight.

Allegiant Air provides boarding in four named and 6 numbered zones. If you want to learn how airlines assign a boarding zone to passengers, then go through the information below. Here, you will learn everything about how various boarding zones work at Allegiant.

How Does Allegiant Board By Zones?

Allegiant Air basically provides boarding in two categories: Specific and General. The airline further divides them into subcategories. Therefore, it is important to understand the Allegiant Air boarding zones before you get on your flight.

4 Different Named Boarding Zones Available on Allegiant

Allegiant Air assigns you one of the named zones when you match their particular requirement. So, let us understand those requirements one by one.

Pre-boarding: Allegiant places those passengers in this zone who require special help in boarding. Therefore, the airline boards them before any other passenger.

Priority boarding: You get Allegiant Priority Boarding in the following situation:

  • When you purchase the priority access or
  • When you have the Allegiant World Mastercard

Military Boarding: Airline offer this boarding group as a respect to military personnel for their services. Also, military personnel relatives are also eligible for this.

Family Boarding: You will get this zone when you are on a journey with your family and carrying equipment for your kids.

6 Different Numbered Boarding Zones Available on Allegiant

After specific passenger boarding, Allegiant starts general boarding. Accordingly, airlines divide it into six zones. So, let us understand the requirements of a particular zone.

Zone 1: Allegiant Air assigns you zone 1 when you have booked a seat at exit rows.

Zone 2: Similarly, you get this zone when

  • You are traveling without a carry-on bag and
  • You reserved a seat in 25 to 40 rows

Zone 3: Allegiant Air allows you to board in zone 3 when

  • You do not have a carry-on bag and
  • You have seating in 1 to 24 rows

Zone 4:You get boarding in this zone

  • When you have a carry-on bag and
  • You have seating in 25 to 40 rows

Zone 5: Allegiant Air keeps you in Zone 5 when

  • You are traveling with a carry-on bag and
  • You have seats in 10 to 24 number rows

Zone 6:You get this zone when

  • You are on the journey with a carry-on bag and
  • You have seats in 1 to 9 number rows

Allegiant Air Carry-On Luggage Policy

Allegiant Air has some important policies for carry-on Luggage. So, you should follow them before you catch your flight. Therefore, go through the following points:

  • Allegiant Air allows a purse or handbag for each passenger.
  • Therefore, airlines charge an additional fee when you want to carry a large bag.
  • It reduces the time for setting up the extra luggage.
  • Similarly, Allegiant Air has a size limit on carry-on luggage.
  • Also, airlines have some rules on personal items.
  • So, keeping the above policies in mind can help you speed up the boarding process.

Rules and Regulations to Follow At the Boarding Gate

Allegiant Air requires you to follow the below mentioned You should requirements if you enjoy a smoother boarding:

  • Firstly, reach the boarding gate thirty minutes prior to the scheduled flight time.
  • It provides sufficient time for the agent at the gate to make the necessary check.
  • Further, reaching on time helps you complete the boarding process on time without a hectic rush.
  • However, if you do not reach the boarding gate on time, you may need to bear the consequences.

How Do I Upgrade to Priority Boarding Allegiant?

You can easily upgrade your boarding zone to priority boarding on Allegiant. For that, either you need to log in to the website or use the Allegiant mobile app. Therefore, use the manage trip section on Allegiant and add a seat, bag, or priority boarding to your ticket.

Allegiant Air allows upgraded boarding 24 hours prior to flight. Further, it lasts half an hour prior to the flight.


So, understanding the Allegiant Air boarding zone process in advance eliminates the confusion at the airport. Also, you may not know about the boarding process if you are not a frequent flyer with Allegiant. Therefore, the above information will help you smoothly get on your Allegiant flight. However, you can contact Allegiant customer service, if you still have any questions in your mind.

Allegiant Air Boarding Zones & Process – Everything You Need To Know
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