Can I change name on Allegiant flight?

Have you booked your ticket with Allegiant Air and are looking for a name change? You can do it easily with Allegiant Air name change policy. It is common to make mistakes in name when you secure a ticket on Allegiant. Therefore, Allegiant Air has come up with some rules and regulations to help you in such situations. Further, you can make minor changes for free. However, for major changes, Allegiant Air can charge a fee for name correction.

You may need to follow a guided process for modifications. So, below information will help you to avoid the inconvenience because of name change while boarding the flight.

Can I Change A Passenger Name on Allegiant?

Yes, You can change the passenger name on the Allegiant boarding pass. However, you require to follow Allegiant requirements for name change before initiating the process. So, consider the following requirements:

  • You can change the name on Allegiant flight ticket.
  • However, it can differ with the type of name change you need.
  • Further, passengers can not transfer Allegiant air ticket to another passenger.
  • Therefore, cancel your ticket when you are sure about not using it.
  • To do that, you can use the manage travel section online.
  • Similarly, Allegiant Air requires you to enter your name on the ticket as mentioned on the government ID.
  • You can contact to Allegiant Air representative when you change your surname right before the flight.
  • The airline may ask for relevant documents like marriage certificates, divorce letters, etc.
  • The airline offers you a new ticket when you request a name change.
  • Further, Allegiant Air can request a correction in the name only on Allegiant-operated flights.
  • Allegiant Air does not charge a fee up to four characters.
  • However, beyond that, you may need to pay a name correction fee.
  • The above policies can change as per the requirement of Allegiant Air. So, check out the latest changes on the official website.

How Does Allegiant Allow Name Changes?

Once you fulfill the above requirements, you can initiate the name change process with Allegiant. However, you must be thinking about how to correct my name on the ticket. Therefore, you can use any of the three ways provided by Allegiant Air.


Are you finding it difficult to complete Allegiant Air name change online and looking for guidance? Then, you must consider the points below:

  • Visit Allegiant Air website
  • Then, go to the “ My Bookings” option
  • Similarly, enter the login details like booking code and surname
  • You can get the code from your email registered with Allegiant Air.
  • Further, click on the passenger name where you need changes.
  • Then, enter the name you want in your new ticket.
  • Provide the government ID details, such as passport and other supporting documents.
  • Lastly, pay a fee if applicable
  • The airline will send you a new e-ticket upon successful name correction.

Contact Allegiant Air Customer Service

You can directly call Allegiant Air phone number ((702) 505-8888) when you want name correction. Simply follow the IVR process and get connected to an Allegiant agent. Send the required documents to the agent and share the requested details by phone. Lastly, make payment if any is needed.

During Check-in at the Airport

Allegiant Air also allows you to make corrections to name when you reach the airport. However, you can do it only three hours before the flight. So, when you fulfill the mandatory requirements, then go to the Allegiant help desk and share your concerns. The representative guides you through the process.

Use Email Us Option

You can use this option only when there is enough time before your flight. Under this, you can opt for the Email Us option from the Contact Us section on the Allegiant website. Compose your mail, attach all the documents that can expedite the process, and send it. Further, airline representatives will connect with you by mail or on call.

Text Us

Allegiant Air also helps its passengers with text. Therefore, you can text +1 (866) 432-6165 with all the details related to the name change. Further, the Allegiant representative will help you with the process.

Does Allegiant Air Charge A Fee for Name Change?

You do not require to pay the Allegiant Air change name fee when you need minor changes. However, the airline may ask for a fee when you need more changes based on

  • Fare type and
  • Kind of change you need

For example

  • First Scenario: Allegiant Air can charge a fee of $225 plus fare difference when you need correction in middle name.
  • Second Scenario: Allegiant Air can charge approximately $175 when you need changes in title and other things.

The above price can differ as per the situation and as per the policies of Allegiant Air.
However, you can skip the above charges when you have a Trip Flex fare, such as

  • Allegiant Bonus
  • Allegiant Total

Similarly, Allegiant Air does not charge a change name fee when you make it in 24 hours of ticket reservation.

Can I Change the Name on The Package Reservation?

No. Moreover, Allegiant Airlines allows name correction, but it is not possible when you have a package reservation. So, fill in the details correctly when you book a package reservation.


So, using Allegiant Air name change policy you can easily correct your name on the flight ticket. However, if you find it difficult, the above information will help you. Therefore, go through the above detail properly and reduce the time for correction in name. Lastly you can contact Allegiant representatives through phone, email, website or text to get help with your queries.

Can I change name on Allegiant flight?
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