Allegiant Air Missed Flight Policy

Have you ever missed your flight due to some unexpected circumstances that may cause you to miss your flight? For instance, forgetting something at home, lost boarding pass, car issues, and delayed first flight before the connecting flight, etc. The Allegiant missed flight policy assists in such of these cases. Well, you are at the right place if you have missed an Allegiant Air flight and don’t know what to do next. In this article, you will find all the information, Let’s get started.

What is Allegiant Missed Flight Policy?

  • Credit will not be given if you miss an Allegiant Air flight and do not show up at the airport. You will lose the full amount of your fare for the Allegiant Air Missed Flight.
  • No amount will be refunded if you don’t cancel the flight before 24 hours of the scheduled departure.
  • Suppose you cancel the flight before 24 hours of the scheduled departure specified time period of the scheduled departure. In that case, according to the Allegiant Air Refund Policy, you are eligible for a refund.

What Happens if I Missed Allegiant Flight?

If you have missed your flight and are worried about the future consequences, you might face the following difficulties if you miss Allegiant flight.

  • You may be listed as a “no-show passenger” if you do not show up on time after missing your flight, and this will result in losing the full fare.
  • The airlines may not be able to reschedule your flight because the next flight may be fully booked, and the airlines may not be able to provide instant rebooking.
  • Your complete amount may be forfeited if you do not take the necessary actions within the specified time limit. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the Allegiant Missed Flight Policy

No-Show Policy of Allegiant Airlines

No-Show Policy of Allegiant Airlines

When a passenger misses a flight and does not even turns up to the airport to inform the airlines about the missed flight within the set time limit, then he is tagged as a “no-show passenger.” It is very important to inform the Airlines about the missed Allegiant flight. Otherwise, your future related flights will be canceled, and the entire amount of your ticket may be forfeited.

How to Avoid the ‘No Show Passenger’ Tag at Allegiant Airlines?

  • If you have missed your flight, inform the airline as soon as possible and tell them your reason for missing the flight.
  • If you have purchased the ticket from an agency, contact the agency for a solution.
  • Reschedule your flight as per the Allegiant Air missed flight policy.

Allegiant Missed Flight Rebooking Policy: Rules & Fees

As per the Allegiant rebooking policy, to rebook Allegiant Air missed flight, you can either call the customer care representative or personally go to the airport to reschedule your flight.

Procedure 1: Calling Allegiant Airlines Representative

Calling Allegiant Airlines Representative


This is the most commonly used method, you can get a quick solution to your problem within minutes. The customer care representative would guide you through the process and make it hassle-free

  • Visit Allegiant Air’s official website ““ or dial 702-505-8888 to connect with the representative on the phone call.
  • The representative will guide you through the Allegiant missed flight policy and make the procedure of rebooking easier.
  • Provide all the necessary rebooking details related to your flight, like the number of passengers, date, time, and location.
  • Request for rebooking your Allegiant missed flight or purchasing a new ticket.
  • Select the payment method and pay the amount requested for your rebooking.
  • After your flight is rebooked, a verification mail or message will be sent to your registered email address or phone number.

Procedure 2: Visit at Airport

Rebook flight by visiting Airport

You can also rebook Allegiant Air flight tickets by going to the airport. This is possible if you are near the airport and have enough time to visit there.

  • To rebook or reschedule your ticket, visit Allegiant Air Airport.
  • Talk to the concerned officials about your missed flight.
  • Tell the authorities the reason for missing your flight.
  • Provide the necessary documentation required, you can also take advantage of your health insurance.
  • You have to pay the penalties to rebook your flight.
  • After your booking is completed, a verification mail will be sent to check the verification mail to confirm your booking.


If you are still confused about anything regarding your Allegiant flight, you can always contact Allegiant Air by contacting the customer representatives, who are always available to solve your queries regarding the rebooking/rescheduling of your flight.

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Allegiant Air Missed Flight Policy
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