Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy Details

Thinking about sending a child onboard without any supervision is Scary. But, with Allegiant, you can be quite at ease. Allegiant Air allows unaccompanied children to travel with them on their selected flight routes. So, with Allegiant Unaccompanied Minor service, children over 15 or more can travel without a parent/guardian. If you want to know more about the service, read the article till the end.

Decided to let your Children fly Alone with Allegiant Air –

Take a Look at These Important Pointers

  • Allegiant Air does not really have an unaccompanied minor travel rule for children below 15 years. So, unless your child is within the age group of 15 years up to 18 years, he/she can not travel without parental supervision or without an adult.
  • As per the Allegiant Air Minor Policy, children below the age of 15 should have someone at least 15 or older accompanying them while traveling.
  • There is no extra fee for children between Fifteen and Seventeen years of age.
  • The airline will not offer any escort services or supervision on their behalf for such children traveling alone.
  • The airline does not allow children anywhere below 18 years to travel unaccompanied in case of severe weather advisories.
  • Each passenger must provide valid ID proof for age verification to the airline.
  • Allegiant Air does not permit travel unless there is age proof for the passengers.

Photo Id Requirements

To book a flight for a minor on Allegiant, you need to bring your child’s birth certificate or another age verification paper, too.

A birth certificate or a government-issued photo ID must be presented as proof of age if the passenger is under 18 and traveling alone. Otherwise, they might not be allowed to board. Also, passengers who do not have a valid government-issued ID may need to undergo further screening.

How Do I book Children on an Allegiant Air Flight?

Allegiant considers passengers who are under the age of 14 on the date of travel to be children. Children under the age of 14 must travel with a passenger who is at least 15 years old, has the same flight reservation, and is an adult. The standard methods for booking flights are via phone, online, or through a smartphone app.

Ways to book Allegiant air flights for a child under two years old:

  • On the lap of the accompanying adult in their seat, or
  • As a paid passenger using a car seat that has received FAA approval and is seated alone

When inputting your child’s birthdate while booking Allegiant Airlines Flight online, you will be prompted to select your preferred mode of transportation (above). If your child is riding in a seat of their own, you use a car seat or stroller that has received FAA approval.

What are Allegiant Air Guidelines for parents/guardians traveling with unaccompanied minors?

If you are making an Allegiant Air booking, there are different guidelines for children of different age groups. You can take a closer look at the Allegiant Air Minor Travel policy below to know in detail:

Infants (Below 2 Years of Age aka Lap Children)

  • If they do not take up any additional seats, all children between the ages of 15 days and under two will not be charged.
  • Allegiant need identification documents such as a birth certificate or other age verification for their travel.
  • Every Adult can take one Lap of the child with them.
  • The minimum age requirement for an adult is fifteen.
  • You must purchase an additional seat for the second infant if you are traveling with more than one baby.

Minors between 2 and 14 years of age

  • According to Allegiant Airlines Children’s Travel Policy, 13 years of age or younger children must have their own seat.
  • A passenger who is at least 15 years old must ride with them.
  • Similar to the lap Children, Allegiant demands proof of age from the child’s parents.

Children between the ages of 15 to 17 years

  • It is mandatory for children of age between 15 and 17 to have their own seats.
  • The documentation ID is also a necessity for this age group.
  • The airline allows these children to travel alone on flights.
  • If there is a weather advisory, they will be denied traveling.

Passengers 18 years of age

Any passenger who is at least 18 counts as an adult and can travel on his own accord. Each passenger of this age group can have their own seat. He may submit a government-issued photo ID proof to confirm his travel as an adult. So, complete your booking once you have done all your research.

What is Allegiant Air’s policy for Child restraint devices and Strollers?

  • Allegiant Air passengers can check the strollers as checked luggage while checking in for flights.
  • The airline does not charge any fee per stroller.
  • Your team the FAA suggests that if a child weighs over 40 pounds, you must have an FAA-approved car seat for him.
  • Besides, you can not get backless booster seats as FAA has stopped them. Other unavailable options include vest harnesses, as well as safety belt additions with an adult seat.
  • The Allegiant team packs your seats in cargo which are gate-check strollers. You will get them back after reaching the destination.
  • Any child-restraint devices, such as car seats, do not fit if they are more than 17.88 inches wide.
  • FAA has only approved the Safe Aviation Cares Harness device, which is applicable for use for children weighing between 22 and 44 lbs.

In a Nutshell,

Passengers can not book their unaccompanied minors to travel with Allegiant. But if a child 14 years or younger is being accompanied by someone at least 15 years, it is possible. So, before you scroll up and down the Allegiant website, check the airline’s unaccompanied minor travel rules. You can also contact a customer service team member and ask about Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Travel Service in detail.

Policies of Allegiant Air:-

Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy

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