Does Allegiant Air have vacation packages?

Do vacations fancy you? But you are afraid of losing your pocket? Allegiant Vacation Packages is the angel for you.

Allegiant Airlines is a US-based airline carrier that has prominence for providing affordable and convenient air packages to you. Founded in 1997, it has the reputation of being an Ultra-low-cost air carrier with incredible travel services. Headquartered in Nevada (Las Vegas), it operates flights to more than 129 destinations.

This article gives insights into the Vacation package, all-inclusive Vacation, the seamless booking process, cancellation policy, why a vacation is cheap at Allegiant, Benefits, and many more. So, dive deep into the text without wasting a minute.

Allegiant Air Vacation Packages All-inclusive

A perfect vacation starts with perfect planning. The tedious effort of selecting hotels, flights, resorts, entertainment, refreshing drinks & delicious meals might kill your excitement for vacation. Therefore, choose an option that saves you from this boredom.

Allegiant Airlines all-inclusive is the deal that can take your burden. It offers you a Bundle that they call the package of popular services. It helps you to customize your vacation and manage the booking of hotels, flights, rental cars, and resorts of your choice, all in one place. So, book all-inclusive rather than booking each individually and leave the rest with them.

How to Book the Allegiant Vacation Packages?

Booking a vacation deal at Allegiant is an easy and convenient process. You can book online – either through a website and App or Offline – via phone. You just need to follow the below steps, and that’s it.

Through Website

Choose Your Deal: A deal at Allegiant is a combined package of flights, hotels, and other essentials such as rental cars, resorts, etc. Follow the below steps to choose the best deal that fits your preferences.

  • Visit the official website at
  • Click on ‘Deals’ under the ‘New Reservation’ Tab at the bottom of the page.
  • In the Reservation Window, select the ‘Vacations Tab’ and choose your boarding and destination.
  • Select the deal that matches you.
  • A window will pop up that will display your selections. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Select Flights: In this step, Choose your schedule and flight as per your travel plan. It will display a list of scheduled flights with their fare rates on some specific dates.

Choose Bundles: A ‘Bundle’ at Allegiant is a package of services such as One Personal Item, Carry on, Checked Bag, Seat selection, Priority access & Trip Flex. It offers three categories of bundles named Basic, Bonus, and Total, with different prices and services.

Fill in Details: This step requires particular information such as the passenger’s name, gender, date of birth, phone number, and email address. If you are a person with -disabilities, choose ‘Special Assistance’ in the dropdown.

Customize your Itineraries: When planning for a vacation, customization is the key thing you seek. They give the flexibility to choose seats, bags, hotels, and cars. So that, you do not regret missing out on the best experiences.

Review: It is the information that makes your journey hassle-free. So please devote some time to reviewing your application.

Pay & Submit: The airline offers the flexibility to pay with different payment methods. You can pay either through debit and credit cards, Points & Vouchers, or Allegiant Pay. With ‘Allegiant Pay’, you can pay through interest-free monthly installments after your trip. So pay with your preferred payment and confirm your reservation.

Through Mobile App

If you want to book your vacation accompanying your digital habits. You can book it on their Mobile App. It is the easiest way to book your flight with less effort. Follow the same process as told for the website and you will be able to book in less than a minute.

You can use the mobile app not just to book your ticket, but for Check-in, regular updates, getting up-to-the-minute notifications, and many others.

Through Phone

Either way, you won’t find online booking convenient for you. Just speak with the Allegiant Air Customer Care team on (702) 505-8888, available 24 hrs for all days, and ask for assistance. They will work with you on booking.

Allegiant Vacation Package Cancellation Policy

In certain circumstances, if you are likely to cancel a deal at Allegiant, you can either through the website or by calling the Reservations Center at (702) 505-8888. However, the cancellation may incur some additional charges. But, if you have purchased their Trip Flex Travel Protection Program you will be treated with a different cancellation policy. Go through the cancellation policy in detail in the below lines.

With Trip Flex Travel Protection: You can purchase this while booking to avail the following benefits during cancellation.

  • It allows you to change or cancel your vacation one hour before the scheduled departure.
  • You will not be charged any extra fee for canceling a deal.

Without Trip Flex Travel Protection: It allows you to cancel your flight only at least 7 days before the scheduled departure time without any charges. However, the following condition applies if canceling without Trip Flex.

  • You will be able to cancel only within 24 hours of booking.
  • You can cancel your reservation only one week before the scheduled time of departure.
  • You can be charged a temporarily reduced fee of $25.00 per passenger, per segment.

Why a Vacation Package is Cheap at Allegiant?

Allegiant Airline is an ultra-low-cost carrier which means it provides a deal at prices you will find nowhere. Various factors enable it to pitch such a low fare, for example, it flies specifically on some scheduled dates. In addition to this, they provide the best deal with super discounts accompanied by coupons and vouchers in their monthly sales. So, yes a vacation package at Allegiant is cheap and comfortable.

Benefits of Allegiant Air Vacation Packages

There are many benefits to booking a vacation at Allegiant. You get the advantage of choosing your favorite seat, and vacation rewards, the list goes on. Here are some of the top benefits.

Budget-Savvy Vacation: You get a budget-friendly vacation package, you can’t refuse. You save your pocket through cards, coupons, vouchers, rewards, and points. You get the chance to save up to $114 per passenger on a bundle.

Top Destination: Allegiant takes you to the destination you always wished to go. You can escape either to the snowy land of New York City, Bellingham, or Park City or to the warm gateway to Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, etc.

Allegiant Credit Card: It is a premium facility whose benefits can give your itineraries a wing to fly high. You are provided with priority services, exclusive discounts on every travel deal, No foreign transaction fees, Inflight benefits, and one free Airfare on the purchase of vacation (for four or more hotel nights, or seven or more rental car days on a single itinerary).

Advance Check-in & Boarding: Why struggle in the queue when you have the option to go in advance? At Allegiant you can check in online through the website or Mobile App thus saving your time, and avoid printing thus saving your money.

Wide Range of Services: In addition to the free services they provide a range of optional services for your convenience such as inflight snacks & refreshments and others. You can take these services with some additional charges to make your itineraries more comfortable. However, it is up to you and per your customization.


Allegiant Airlines is a name not only for providing budget air travel but for its professionalism and friendliness services. So, if you are making up your mind about them, you must read their policies and other T & C applied before booking.

It refers to the official website or App, where they have listed every detail in a very interactive way. You can either chat with Eva, the virtual assistant of the Allegiant Air Chatbox or email them. You can text them at +1 (866) 432-6165, if deaf, or can connect with a live representative.

Does Allegiant Air have vacation packages?
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