How Do I Get A Priority Access on Allegiant Air?

Do you find yourself waiting in a queue at the Airport, and thinking for a quick check-in and early boarding? Then, Allegiant Air provides a solution that is Priority Access. With Allegiant Air Priority access you can skip the queues and get the hassle-free check-in.

Further in this blog, we will see who will get the Priority access with Allegiant Air and how you can get the advantages from it.

Who is Eligible for the Priority Access with Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Air provides the Priority Access to those passengers who meet the specific criteria, or who purchase Priority Access. Here is a breakdown of who is eligible for Priority access on Allegiant.

  • Passengers who purchase the Priority Access
  • Allegiant World Master Card Holder
  • Allegiant Air Elite Members
  • Allegiant Air 24/7 Members

Thus, those with any of the statuses mentioned above can be eligible for Priority access.

Ways to get the Priority Access on Allegiant Air

There are various ways to get Priority Access on Allegiant Air, and these are as follows:

Get through the Allegiant Air Website:

  • Visit the website of Allegiant Air
  • Login into your account and access your flight booking.
  • Then click on the Manage My Booking option.
  • Tap on the flight that you want to add to your Priority access.
  • Now, there will be many options you will see, such as,
  • Seat, bags, or upgrading to Priority access.
  • Tap on that and complete the Process.

Get through Calling the Allegiant Customer Service

The phone number of Allegiant Air customer service is another best option that you can use to get priority access. The steps are:

  • Dial the Number of Allegiant Air customer care.
  • After that, listen to the IVR option.
  • Select one and choose your Preferred language.
  • Once you get connected with a live agent, explain the reason for Priority access.
  • Then follow the further steps, and pay the fee.

Once completed, you will get the confirmation in your email.

Get through the Allegiant Airport Counter

If you are at the Airport, you can reach out to the representative at the help desk. And request them to get the Priority Access.

  • Go to the Allegiant help desk counter.
  • Wait in the queue till your turn comes.
  • Speak with the help desk representative.
  • Provide the details and explain the reason for your priority access.
  • Provide your booking details, and pay the fee to complete the process.

Get through the Allegiant self-service Kiosk

  • Once you reach the Airport, look for the self-service Kiosk
  • Access the Kiosk and follow the onscreen instruction
  • Then, start the check-in Process
  • Scan your documents, like your ID and passport, through the scanner.
  • Enter the flight details like, your departure time and destination.
  • Check the offered information and confirm your seat assignment.
  • Then, complete the check-in and add the Priority Access.
  • Then follow the further details and complete the Process.

Once you complete the steps, you will get the instant Confirmation on your email address. Or the same Number that you have used.

Allegiant Air Priority Check-in: how does it work?

Allegiant Air Priority check-in offers an easy check-in process, it will allow the passenger to bypass a regular line. Here is how it works:

  • Priority Access passengers have access to the check-in counters.
  • They will enjoy the faster check-in Process.
  • Passengers can Skip the regular check-in line.
  • Passengers can save their time by using the Priority Check-in.
  • Check-in time closes 45 Minutes before Your scheduled departure.
  • If you want to check in through the Airport, you should arrive 2 hours before the departure.

Does Allegiant Air Provide a Free Priority Access to Veterans?

Yes. Allegiant Air Provides flight discounts and more benefits to Military members & Veterans using the Allegiant Air Program. This Program helps active duty members, Retired Military, and reserve members in providing the services.

While this Program focuses on the baggage fee, free services, discounts, and Priority access. The military members get Allegiant Air Priority access as they serve the nation that is why Allegiant Air serves them to Appreciate their dedication.

How much does Allegiant charge for Priority Access?

The cost of Priority access varies, and it depends on factors such as the routes and travel dates.

  • The Price of Priority access ranges between $11.50 to $17.50 per passenger.
  • The fee may vary with factors like routes, travel dates, and demand.
  • The passenger can get Priority Access at the time of booking online.
  • Priority access can be added to existing bookings through the manage booking section.

By opting for Priority Access, passengers can benefit from dedicated check-in, guaranteed overhead bin space, and a more streamlined airport.

Bottom Line

Priority Access on Allegiant Air provides convenience to passengers while traveling. Whether you purchase the service or use the loyalty program, priority check-in can enhance your travel. Further, by following the details about Allegiant Air Priority access mentioned above, you can get a smooth check-in and boarding.

So, unlock the benefit of Priority Access and make your next flight with Alleginat Air.

How Do I Get A Priority Access on Allegiant Air?
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