How do I select seats on Allegiant Air?

Are you planning your next travel with Allegiant Air but not sure how to select your seat? Don’t worry. in this blog, we will explore the ways for Allegiant Air Seat Selection. And, With a simple Procedure, you can easily select your preferred seats. So, check the below details on selecting the seat to get a comfortable Flight with Allegiant Air.

Ways to Select a Seat on Allegiant Air:

Allegiant Air allows the passenger to select their seat at the time of booking and after the booking procedure. However, to know both ways, continue to read further.

Seat Selection at the Time of Booking

  • Visit the Allegiant Air Website.
  • Go to the booking section and tap on Flight.
  • Now, enter the details and search for the flight you need.
  • Select your preferred seat and Tap to continue.
  • Select an extra option like cabin class.
  • Continue to provide the flight details.
  • Complete all the steps and review your details.
  • Confirm the seat selection and tap on Continue.
  • Now, make the payment and complete your Booking.

After completing all the above steps, you will get a confirmation from Allegiant Air at Your Email address.

Seat Selection After Booking

If you skip the seat selection at the time of booking, no worries. You can select your Allegiant Air seat through the manage my booking option until your check-in time. The Manage Booking option you will get on the Website or on the Mobile App. Let’s check the Steps:

  • Visit the official website of Allegiant Air.
  • Go to My Trip option.
  • Tap on the “Edit” flight option
  • And choose the Allegiant Air Seat Selection option
  • The new page will open the Tab. There, you will see the Seat Map.
  • Choose the Preferred seats and Tap to Continue.
  • Now make payment and complete the Procedure.

The same steps will be followed if you are selecting your seat through the Mobile App. Further, you will get the Confirmation of your seat selection.

How Much Does Allegiant Airlines charge for seat selection?

Allegiant Air may charge a fee for selecting certain seats, especially those seats that have extra legroom and more space. The fee ranges between $0 to $80. So be sure to check out the Allegiant Air seat selection Fee before you select the seats.

However, below, we have mentioned the various classes of seat selection fees that are offered by Allegiant Air.

Standard seats

The standard seats are the basic seats that are available for all the passengers. These seats are located toward the rear of the plane and they offer Extra legroom. The standard seats do not charge a fee, as these are included in the base fare.

Standard Seats: No seat selection Fee

Preferred seats:

The preferred seats are located in the front of the plane, and these seats offer extra legroom. You can easily upgrade these seats to get more comfort and convenience. The Allegiant Air Preferred seats charge the seat selection fee. The fee is based on the routes and destination.

Preferred seats: Fee Applicable

Premium Seats:

The Allegiant Air Premium seats are luxurious. These seats offer more comfort, extra legroom, and wider seats, and with that, you will get extra reclining seats. The Premium classes come with a higher fee. The fee depends on the feature you have selected to enhance your travel experience.

Premium seats: Fee Applicable

Further, if you are selecting a seat on a particular row, then you have to pay a fee. Check out the below-mentioned table for the Particular seat selection fee on Allegiant Airlines.

Seat Selection Fee
Overall Seat Assignment Fee$0 to $80
Front Row Seat Selection $21
Back Row Seat Selection $7

When can I select My Seats on Allegiant Air for Free?

If you want a free seat selection on Allegiant, you can get it at the time of check-in. That means if you skip the seat selection during the booking, then at the time of check-in, Allegiant Air will assign you a seat automatically.

The seat selection is based on availability. Further, Allegiant won’t charge you any fee if you are selecting a seat for the whole family.


Selecting a Perfect Seat on Allegiant Air can truly make all the difference in the overall travel experience. So whether you are selecting an extra legroom seat or just want to sit on a Particular row, go ahead and select your seats. With the perfect seats, you will travel to the destinations without being tired. Further, if you have any queries or want to discuss more about Allegiant Air Seat Selection, reach out to us and get your queries resolved in no time.

How do I select seats on Allegiant Air?

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