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We do not encourage the spread of false information at all. However, we are not liable for any damage or loss that you face due to information on our website, which has now been changed by the airline. We are not liable for any services you book with the carrier after consulting with us.

Our cooperation ends once you have chosen us to proceed with your application. If the airlines back-off in any case, we do not have any hand in that. We will also not be responsible for any case of accidents, mishaps, or losses. Our individual goal is to offer you quality information on Allegiant Airlines’ services.


Although we acknowledge that allegiantflyfares(.com) is a third-party website that offers quality service intent, it does not have any direct connections with Allegiant Airlines. But, other third-party links on our website help the customers with the information they need. We are also not responsible for any of their products or works you proceed to use. You should go through their policies before proceeding to use other third-party links.

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