Allegiant Air – Punta Gorda Airport

Can I fly to Punta Gorda Airport with Allegiant Air?

If you have an eye out for tiny perfect things, you can fly to Punta Gorda with Allegiant Air. The Charlotte County Airfield Authority owns PGD-Punta Gorda Airport. It is a public airfield near Punta Gorda city center’s 3 miles east. PGDs complete address is Charlotte constituency of Florida. Previously, it was known as Charlotte County Airport. Although Allegiant Air now offers more scheduled flight services to 51 locations, its primary use is still for general aviation.

Allegiant Air Punta Gorda Airport

The Florida International Air Show, an annual event held in Punta Gorda, is where you can see a variety of military rally teams. The place also includes the US Navy’s “Blue Angels,” US Air Force Thunderbirds, Flight Demonstration Squadron, and the US Army’s “Sky Soldiers” (173rd Batallion Airborne Brigade Combat) Cobra helicopter team.

How do I find Allegiant Air Flights from Punta Gorda?

PGD is around Florida’s southwest coast. It is located between Sarasota & Ft. Myers. Passengers can find Allegiant Air flights from Punta Gorda and several nonstop flights to more than 50 locations from here. The Charlotte County Airport Authority owns and runs Punta Gorda Airport, which is a significant economic and transportation asset for the area. Hundreds of employment, office space for aviation and business tenants and more than $1.275 billion in total economic production are all offered on-site.

From PGD, passengers can take Allegiant Air Flights to a number of airports across the country. Flight services are available beginning at 8 am and running through 7 pm.

What is the Transport service option at Punta Gorda?

When you are planning to fly out of Punta Gorda Airport or reach here, you need transport options. If you know them in advance, it is a win-win for you. So, take a look at these options you can enjoy as transport.

Rental Cars and Service

Many rental cars and companies offer car booking services for any inbound or outbound flights. You can find a good service starting at 5 AM. If you want, you can find car booking services or call the Punta Gorda Airport’s phone number to book it a better way.

Gulf Coast Cars and Service

Look around to find any ground transport service at the Punta Gorda Airport after a successful flight with Allegiant Air. You can use Gulf Coast Car Service to enjoy the transportation from PGD to your location. They have a proper fleet of minivans, which also have mobility options for customers. The service is professional and on a competitive edge, with free bottled water for every passenger.

Extended Service

Customers can also use apps like Uber or Lyft to book their rides. These apps offer pickup services for people like a personal cab. You can use Turo for car sharing and a bus system to take you from one point to another in Charlotte County at a small fee.

Which terminal is Allegiant Air at Punta Gorda Airport?

Allegiant Air uses the main terminal at Punta Gorda PGD Airport. All flights coming in or going out of the location arrive at the same place only. You can book an Allegiant Air flight through the official com website or call 1-702-505-8888 to get the details.

Allegiant Air customer service operates Monday to Friday between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM for ticketing purposes at the airport. If you need baggage details, you can call their Baggage Service Office at 1-866-719-3910. The airline also has a lost and found department at Punta Gorda Airport, and their contact number is 1-702-830-5773.

What Amenities do we get at PGD Airport?

If you finally have planned your trip to or from Punta Gorda Airport and are ready to reach the premises, you have the following amenities to enjoy:

Free Wi-Fi

Free wi-fi connection facility is offered to airport visitors throughout the terminal.


You can find an ATM in the baggage claim area of the terminal.


Take, borrow or trade books for free. It is located in the hallway adjacent to the baggage claim.

Photo Opp Spots

It is located near the public entrance and exit doors. You can Snap a selfie and share it on social media. #flyPGD

Disabled Passenger Assistance

Contact the airline if the passenger is traveling for a wheelchair or other assistance at the airport.

Lost and Found Assistance

  • – Specify airline for checked baggage or item left on a plane.
  • – Specify the airport for items lost at the terminal or elsewhere.
  • You can also dial PGD lost and found number 941-244-5088. Make sure to make a call only for lost items at TSA Screening.

You can call Allegiant Airlines at any point in time to inquire about anything or ask any questions from the experts for more details. Fly Allegiant Air to Punta Gorda or more.

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Allegiant Air – Punta Gorda Airport
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